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EFXplode Expansion will be available for purchase once the Ampethron portable hardware hits the market.

But you can have it sooner, simply pre-orde it in our store and choose the reward with EFXplode Expansion included

Ampethron is produced in limited quantity batches.

Expand your Ampethron device to a whole new synth

Thanks to its special design, you can use many other synths as add-ons.

EFXPLODE is an instrument designed to generate various types of explosions, hits, kicks, drops, electronic and abstract short sounds to your Live-Acts and DJsets + it can be perfectly used in studio work as well.

EFXPLODE is EXPANSION SYNTHESIZER for Ampethron portable synthesizer
(after purchase just copy it to USB flash and RUN it!)

In combination with the right gestures your DJset/Live acts will turn to real live music concert!

Enjoy your set in a totally different dimension, control with gamepad and play with the crowd!

We present to you the best features

Easy to play

You can play FXs and sounds very easily with external controller buttons – path length of buttons and latency is very short – so no problem if you are not experienced in rhythms – it always sounds good. Just click a key and kill the dancefloor crowd with FX, Lasers, Bombs, Risers, Soundscapes – show them when the hit comes, when a riser ends and follow heavy drop which destroy the whole dancefloor. This will make you a true electronic rockstar!

Fast and responsive touchscreen display

You can control all parameters, draw your own oscillator / lfo waveforms or change presets at a finger stroke thanks to a high-res and responsive touchscreen display. This is very practical when travelling from party to party. In a studio you can connect a pc mouse, keyboard, HDMI monitor etc. to speed up your work.

Constantly expanding

When you buy classic synth you buy just one hardware with limited sound capabilities. Ampethron portable allows you to insert next new synthesizer algorithms on a USB key! This means you buy just one hardware kit but you can install insert many next synthesizers inside. We are going to publish many new additional and expanding synthesizers in the future – one example is our EFXPLODE synth which can be additionally purchased and embedded inside Ampethron portable.

Unique, futuristic sound

Ampethron portable is not just next basic virtual analog synth, vice versa it is very powerfull synth with futuristic sound and new technologies of generating sound. New algorithms of sound synthesis and much better sound than your regular software synths.

Extremely Portable

With the weight of (Doplnit) and size (Doplnit), Ampethron is extremely portable; you can pack it in a small hand luggage bag together with your notebook and easily transport by airplane.

Perfectly manageable and connectable

You can connect it with any DJ mixer with 2 cinch cables in 2 seconds! For studio work, creating presets etc. you can connect it with additional MIDI keyboard, PC mouse, computer keyboard, HDMI monitor and other devices.

Designed for fast, easy and creative live-acts / DJ sets

Just connect Ampethon output to DJ Mixpult with a jack to cinch cable and play! You can significantly enrich your live-acts and DJ sets with hundreds of new FX sounds and create live “remixes” of your songs.

FXs, Risers, Down filters, Explosions, Speaking voices, Soundscapes, Pads… everything is possible with Ampethron, just communicate with your crowd with your music and gestures, show them that big drop is coming for example with FX RISER effect, you know when riser is starting and ending because you control the buttons and knobs.

Developed in collaboration with DSP specialists

We have used an irreplaceable experience of professionals working 12 years in the market with digital audio processing software

Product Videos

EFXPLODE expansion promo
Techno presets
Industrial presets
Electronic Hits presets

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EFXPLODE Expansion synthesizer is downloadable addon for Ampethron portable device.

EFXPLODE is an instrument designed to generate various types of explosions, hits, kicks, drops, electronic and abstract short sounds to enrich Liveacts / DJsets + can be perfectly used also in studio work. EFXPLODE is EXPANSION SYNTHESIZER for Ampethron portable synthesizer (after purchase just copy to USB key and RUN!)

Huge Filter section

• 1X Analog type „warm, soft and liquid sounding“ filter with cutoff and self resonance and tracking control

• 1X Multifilter with 14 types of filters with cutoff, self resonance and tracking controls

• 2x Analog type Amplitude and Filter envelope – Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release + amount knob (with 2 separated control knobs for level of modulation of filter 1 and filter 2)

FX section

• Ping-pong BPM synchronized delay

• High quality cinematic style / algorithmic Reverb FX with room, damp, width, mix (dry/wet) controls

• Chorus/Flanger with Rate, Depth, Pre-delay, Feedback, Mix control knobs

• Sound characteristics / boosting – Sharp & Fat controls

• Saturation and Output control

• Output limiter with limiter release control and on/off

2x Oscillators

• 2X Explosion / Hit wavetable Oscillators

• De-Tuner with octave and 12 semitones control + fine tuning knob

• 2x Special wavetable Bombs / Explosions / Hits oscillator with special Re-Synth-Remodulation algorithm with 89 different waveforms

• Wavetable oscillator with Re-Synth-Remodulation algorithms: AmphSine, AmphRepulse, TriAmph, Amphsquarel, XnoisAMPH and res. Freq, res. Speed, res. Amount, and level controls

• Separated level control for every oscillatorZ


• 1x Free running analog type LFO (with Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, Noise waveforms) with Speed and Depth controls in a wide range of frequency

Main control section

• Midi device selector (possibility to connect midi devices via USB)

• Sound output selector (possibility to connect external audio soundcards via USB)

• Preset manager with 9 default banks and more than 140+ default presets (you can create your own banks and presets for your liveacts)

• External controller: 4x very fast, responsive buttons to play notes (C3, C4, C5, C6) with very low latency – much easier to play notes in rhythm than with a piano (because of shorter path length of buttons)

• 2x joysticks to control Filter cutoff and Pitch (up/down) and a digital control of joystick behavior (attack and release time of every joystick)

• preset browsing with left and right controls on external controller

There is a solid hardware background behind the Ampethron portable.

The hardware has been chosen thoroughly to give a solid performance and to cooperate perfectly with the DSP software and internal algorithms. The application is tuned up to get the best results during your DJ sets, Live-acts and studio work.


• CPU: Quad core

• CPU Base Frequency: 1.33 Ghz

• CPU Burst Speed: 1.83 Ghz

• RAM: 2GB

• Storage: 32GB


• Dimension: 8.9"

• Resolution: 1920x1080 Full HD

• Touchscreen: capacitive 5-touch

I/O ports

• Micro SD Slot: 1x

• USB port: 4x Type A

• Video Output: HDMI

• Audio Output: 3.5mm Jack


• Power: AC 5V 2.5A

• Material: Plastic + Metal

• Dimensions: 217*147.5*60 mm (8.54*5.81*2.36 inches)

• Weight: 630g (22.22 oz)

Package Content

• Ampethron portable

• AC Power supply

• Controller

• User Manual

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