Most asked questions

How does the Ampethron work?

The revolution is in its control design. With external controller you are going to be the main element in the communication with your crowd. In combination with the right gestures your DJset/Live-Act will turn into real live music concert! Just connect audio cable to your DJ or studio mix and you’re ready to go in 2 seconds. Of course, you can connect classic USB MIDI keyboard, if necessary. The main advantage of Ampethron portable is that you purchase just one hardware and you can use many synths/instruments inside (those you can purchase and install later).

How do I set it up?

Just use audio cable to connect Ampethron sound output to your mix (DJ mixer, Studio mix, studio sound card, etc.) and play in no time.

Is Ampethron an effect?

No, Ampethron is a full synthesizer/instrument with many features.

How many synths are inside?

Virtually an infinite number. The Ampethron device is supplied with one default synth. An important feature of Ampethron is its expandability, though. You can expand it with more synths just by purchasing and installing them to your AMpethron portable device. During the campaign, you can can choose how many synths you want to start with. Or you can purchase and install more synths later. Our synth offer will continue to expand.

Is it for for live performance only?

No, you can use Ampethron at home or professional studio too. You can connect a PC mouse for more precise control and use the synth in your daily studio work as any other synthesizer. With remote controller your production becomes much faster, easier and more funny (it’s like making music with real instruments). Ampethron can bring so much fun and joy to your studio production. It brings a better real-time contact with your music because working with Ampethron controller is more like playing a real instrument.

Can I connect external soundcard?

Yes, the most external USB sound cards with ASIO support are supported but connecting your sound card is not necessary. Ampethron includes its own sound card (D/A digital to analog converter built-in) with audio output connector (jack).

Can i connect MIDI?

Yes, various USB MIDI keyboards are supported and tested (but we cannot guarantee that all of them will work - please contact us if you are in doubt). But in general MIDI is not necessary because you play the notes with an external remote controller too.

Where do you ship from?

The product will be shipped from European Union.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship internationally to all countries.

Where do I put my country in shipping form?

No need to write your country. Depends on your city, the country will be filled automatically. So just write your city in to the proper box and wait for a dropdown menu to choose your exact place. If your city name contains diacritic, please use it and write your city with diacritic. Sometimes it can take some time for the list to get ready.

Is VAT included?

We cover all duties and taxes (including VAT) for all EU citizens so there is no additional VAT or other taxes for them. Customers outside of European Union will be responsible to pay any applicable taxes or duties subject to the laws of their local jurisdiction.

What payment methods are accepted?

Stripe is our main payment processor. We do not come with touch with your card data at all. All is securely processed by Stripe. If you would like to use PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer for your payment instead, just let us know and we can arrange it for you.

I've subscribed for 200€ discount, so where is my voucher?

You have been invited to our pre-order campaign, where Ampethron portable is offered with huge discount, as the retail price will be for about 200€ higher. So you have unique opportunity among others to grab your piece for this special price. The quantity is limited.

What happens to my money if a campaign fails?

We do not need to reach any threshold here as the product design is already finished. We are going to put the Ampethron portable device to the market no matter on the campaign result. So this is more like a pre-sale campaign of first limited batch. You can get your device for a very attractive price and help us to get started. If there is any unexpected complications with product delivery, and we will not be able to fulfill your order, full refund will be granted.

Can I get a refund after pledge?

Sorry no refund during or after campaign. Simply because we need to know exactly how many devices forward to the production. The product is sold here in very special discounted price, which you will not be able to get in normal retail sale. Therefore there’s no refund possible once you make a pledge in campaign. Thank you for your understanding. Only if there is any unexpected complications with product delivery, and we will not be able to fulfill your order, full refund will be granted.

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